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Friday, 11 April 2014

Q2 Finish Along

I missed last quarters reporting so am very keen to get the want-to-finishes mapped out. I find a listing helps to firm up a plan. If nothing else I will have an accurate list of what is hiding in my room.

1. I realize the top two are not bonifide WIPS as they are finished but I am adding them here as I have not photographed them or sent them to their recipients. They have been sitting for over a month waiting, probably closer to two.
2. Same as one above.
3. Blue Celtic Garden Quilt - needs a border to finish the top
4. Green quilt - finish sewing blocks
5. Green and Pink Quilts - finish sewing blocks. These are in the same number as I am making two quilts together with different accents. I am hopeful it will work but if not it will be a green quilt.
6. Sea glass quilt
7. Check quilt - layer and quilt. This is a charity quilt for an auction. My second quilt people are to bid on. Strange feeling. The first auction I bid on the quilt myself until I felt the price was high enough. No photo, oops.

8. Sunnyside quilt - layer and quilt
9. Baby girl quilt - my go to for girls is Aneela Hoey. Love Aneela! No photo

10. Star quilt
11. Nevermore quilt - May birthday deadline
12. Seascapes - July deadline
13. Traveller quilt - August wedding deadline

Okay this is bad, I did not even have to stretch for this list!

Now for the really reaching finishes - they are both Christmas quilts so not feeling the pressure. Phew.

14. Sew down the binding on my Christmas quilt
15. Find all the bits for a quilt I started maybe 10 years ago. Diamond pattern. Did not finish this quilt as my ruler did not have a 60 degree angle on it. Can you believe it? What an excuse!!!

This list does not include my economy block, 9 block, stripe or cuzco or seranade or urban cowgirl or bungle jungle quilts. Still not reaching but I will quit with the list as I am now totally deprressed and going back to bed and drawing the covers over my head. I thought this would be way more encouraging instead of overwhelming. And I still want to buy more fabric!!!

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Sunday Stash on Friday

Work-in-Progress Girl is having a give away so I must do a post! Of course if I do a post I will have to admit I purchased fabric. Quandary!

I know magazines are not on the fabriholic fast list but they lead to fabric wants. I purchased the Sea Glass quilt kit from Fat Quart Shop. Love it! So not my colours but the Pat Sloan Art Gallery Fabrics have the best feel to them. Soft and silky! Did I say love! Oh yeah!
And while I was there, 2 jellyrolls of Little Black Dress 2 fell into my cart. Again saw a picture in a magazine of a nine block. Again fell in love. Wanted it! Now I have it! I must say it makes me so happy!

So I guess while it is still March I will purchase the Tula Pink Workshop for Craftsy so it is all in the same month! April will start off clean and clear!

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Triangle Quilt Along

Do I need another project? Do I need another unfinished project? Do I need my head examined? One of these requires a yes. I have the ruler and was looking forward to finding a project for my Kate and Birdie Winter's Lane cake squares. This will be perfect. I was going to do HST's but this will be wonderful.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

WIP Wednesday - March 26

The last month has flown by. Nothing like being sick to lose chunks of time! I was to have done my Bee Blocks last weekend, but did not. So sorry bee mates! I had totally forgotten about a charity quilt I had promised myself I would make. Friends are doing the "Ride for Cancer" and I really wanted to donate a quilt. Birds, bikes, and buildings, yes! A riding quilt!
Finished! It started out as a baby quilt. But the colours were not screaming baby at me, so, added a couple of borders and ta!da!, a lap quilt. The striped border is also the backing. Thank goodness there was enough! No pieced back here taking up extra time.
Tried quilting with straight lines off the edge of the quilt, I think because of the stripes.  I like it, but I think I would have preferred around more.
And bonus! It is all from my stash. The back is repurposed (stolen) from another quilt, but all is good. I had two backs for that quilt anyways!?!
On to the bee blocks!

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Oops Another Fall

I bought fabric. It is not here yet. It will be a gift for a wedding in August. I just found out about the wedding and really want to make them the perfect quilt. I like myself too much to try and  buy/ start/ finish a quilt in July. I must say I am super excited, this will be the perfect gift! It is, however, a bit like moving your finger out of the dam as I have been looking / coveting /adding to my shopping cart since then. But not bought! I am back in control!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WIP Wednesday

My Bee Blocks for January are done! I am so happy! And I apologize they are so late.
Simply Solids, a fun herringbone in jewel tones.

We Bee Canadian with Granny Squares. Pink was requested. Thank goodness my bee mate said she would trim them up as I have serious issues with chopping off sections of blocks. Wasteful!

I was going gung-ho for the Lovely year of Finishes, but when I went to look the collection had already closed, so stall on my Lady of the Lake. One side remaining to tack the binding down and there she sits. She now has company as the Cheesy Churn Dash and a baby blanket are all waiting for their bindings too.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WIP Wednesday

Well I felt so bad for buying backing too early that I pushed and got the quilt top done, sandwiched and started the quilting last night!! Yahoo for guilt.

I am loving this quilt and backing. The pattern is by Mary Fons. I have a serious crush on her and her writings. And also her quilts!
So I have pulled this pile of fabric for the Gypsy Wife Quilt Along. Do not know if I will use it all or none of it as I do not yet have the pattern book. This is going to be so much fun! Cannot wait!
Oh and here is my bee block for simply solids bee. Sorry Bee Mate I think your block will be late.

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