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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

And a finish!

Done! And with a week to spare!

The 16 patch has been on my must make list since I started quilting. I just love the look, so even and square. And this quilt did not disappoint.
I used a French General jelly roll in the line Rue Indienne.

And for the back this fun music print! Harry plays in several bands so this is perfect! The binding is left over jelly roll strips. Ha, I had to open a new jelly roll to get the last two blocks.
Love this quilt. I think I see another 16 patch in my future.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

WIP Wednesday - Flimsy Edition part 2

I received an email invitation from my cousin, for her birthday bash. How did it happen to be August already! I have not finished her partners retirement quilt from February! Eeeek! So mad dash at the sewing machine and I have a flimsy. Phew! I had to quickly make 2 more blocks, because I did not know, or had forgotten, that Jelly Rolls only have 40 strips. Why do they put different numbers of pieces in the different pre-cut packs? Cakes have 42, a perfect number for a 6 x 7 square quilt.
Of course I think that at 48 x 56 it is a bit small but the other half of me says "Oh well! Get it done!" The justifications run like this. He is a short guy, I am out of time, better a quilt than not a quilt. It is an okay size for a lap quilt. And on and on.
And a baby quilt for my friend's first grand baby. It was due in July. 

Not sure if I have batting at home so may have to cobble a batting (or 2) together. How did I get so far behind? 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

WIP Wednesday Flimsy Edition

Three flimsy's finished this week. They would probably be done now but i kept finding other projects to work on. Time to set priorities and knuckle down!

Fairy Check
Green Jacob' Ladder
And 30's Hourglass
Progress is being made on the Pink Jacob's Ladder! The blocks are all sewn and just need to be sewn together. Getting closer to having the quilts done!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Finished Fairy Check

Done and delivered.
The request was for pink and I think there is enough in the top to qualify. Super cute pattern that is easy and always looks great. It is slightly larger than my standard baby quilt, and as the recipient is now 4 the larger size was required. Definitely need to get the baby quilts out sooner!
The back almost became a quilt as it is also fabulous. It was slightly too short so I added the extra panel on the bottom.
Love stripped binding! And another quilt is checked off the list! Yay!!!

Saturday Dirt - Pickles

I made pickled beans!

The pink jar has red pepper flakes and the other has jalapeno peppers. The beans, dill and jalapeno are from the garden. If these turn out well we are putting the whole back yard into beans!!!!

As you can see by the picture we are quite dry here. These pictures were taken on the lawn. We are on stage 3 water restrictions.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

WIP Wednesday and Q3 List

I seem to have gone a little crazy this week. Monkey brain is alive and well in my quilting world. Could not settle on any of the projects that need to be finished up.

Jacob's Ladder - Green
Jacob's Ladder - Pink
 and High Street Charmer
Charlie Harper 1 and Charlie Harper 2 - the Cheater Panel version
This quilt is now a baby quilt. It has an oopsie. I sure hate it when that happens. The bright side is I found it before it was quilted. This was going to be a twin, however, I started marking and measuring and now my current blocks are smaller that the ones I started out with. So it is now to be a baby quilt.
30's Hourglass
I need 5 baby quilts this summer and fall. So I started a few more projects. I had to pick up some thread and my LQS had all these cute charm squares. I went a little crazy. In defense....there is no defense. Beach House by Kate Nelligan, love this line!
Beach House
Prairie by Corey Yoder. Big hit with all the girls.
Prairie on Point
Meadowbloom by April Rosenthal, my grandson loved this one. It was to be a Bear Claw but think it will be a Baby Plus Quilt.
Bungle Jungle Postage Stamp - hmmm the picture is missing.

Red and White Heart baby quilt
Yeah, a quilt pile I can sink my teeth into. Obviously I was starting to get nervous about how few projects I have on the go.

Quilting the way I like it.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

WIP Wednesday - Fickle

I am so fickle. Last week I was in love with this quilt.
And I still love it! However, move on over for my first and enduring love....the Churn Dash.
Ahh, now this is true love!